P.O. Box 474
Sublette, Kansas  67877


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President: Jarrod Weeks
Vice President: Codi Mason
Secretary: Jenny Rijfkogel
Treasurer: Jennifer Sherwood
Marketing: Megan Elsey
Beautification: Debra Hessman
Business Development: Jay Meyer
Membership: Jane Bailey
Media: Bobby Cunningham

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The Sublette Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization of businesses and individuals who are working together to improve the economic, civic, and cultural well-being of the Sublette area.  Anyone interested in helping promote the area (which means more business, more jobs, and a better standard of living for everyone) is eligible to be a member of the Sublette Chamber of Commerce.

A business membership starts at $25 and is determined by the number of employees you have in your company.

An Individual membership is only $25.


Handcrafted In Haskell County

A unique market-style event featuring an array of products showcasing crafters and craftsmen, artists and artisans, painters and woodworkers, bakers and jelly makers. The Sublette Chamber of Commerce invites you to join us for some browsin’ and buyin’ on the lawn of the courthouse, June 3rd from 9am-2pm.

You can display your products!  We’re looking for hobbyist and professionals. Booth rental is only $35 and includes a 10’x10’ booth.  An 8’ table and 2 chairs are only $10. Deadline is May 31st.