*SNOW ALERT* Street Parking Prohibited on the Following Streets...

Ordinance #408

Section 1.   EMERGENCY STREET ROUTES.  The following streets in Sublette, Kansas, are designated as emergency street routes: 

a)     Inman Street, South from Highway 56, four full blocks;
b)    Chouteau Avenue, running East and West, from the East city boundary to the West city boundary;
c)     Ellis Street;
d)    Lark Avenue;
e)     Wooten Street; and
f)     Fern Avenue. 

Section 2.  UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES. The emergency street routes, as identified herein, shall be kept clear of any parked traffic obstructions, trailers, and vehicles during the following times:

a)     During those times designated by the City Superintendent, whether emergency or non-emergency, for the preservation of public safety and general welfare of the citizens of Sublette.

b)    During those times of disaster or emergency created by nature.

c)     During those periods of time necessary for snow removal until the City of Sublette has completed its snow removal on said emergency street routes.

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