Everybody Loves a Parade!

A sign on a float says 1953, exactly 60 years ago!   It's true, a picture IS worth a 1000 words!  

I actually have 3 different picture sources for the 1953 Haskell County Fair Parade.

  1. Beulah Lucas 3 weeks ago shared many terrific pictures with me from "back in the day".  One black and white picture of a man driving a tractor in a parade but it did NOT have a date on it.  This picture was taken from the view point of probably what is now the North side of the funeral home or maybe the bank drive through.
  2. This brings us to the pictures that Pat Getchell donated to the Haskell County Historical Society last month.  Many were taken from the view point of the Crystal Grill (now Mama Moes)  and also probably in front of what is now the Haskell County Monitor Chief.   There are many wonderful pictures in this collection including a picture of the same man on a tractor that Beulah had snapped one block earlier.  I also noticed the very last slide in this picture of a little boy and little girl pulling a covered wagon. I had recognized these kids before....
  3. A video that I had come across a couple of years ago had these exact kids pulling a wagon turned covered-wagon in a parade.  This short color movie is featuring the same 1953 parade and was recorded by Evelyn Weeks.  


I hope you all are able to grab a view in these pictures of someone you loved. 

See you at the Haskell County Parade tomorrow!
Hope someone brings a camera... or two!


Picture by Beulah Lucas

Picture taken by Pat Getchell

Picture taken by Pat Getchell